Marine Products

Marine Products
From the day nearly forty years ago when the first Guzzler® pumps were installed as onboard bilge pumps, the Bosworth and Guzzler names have become synonymous with quality and reliability. We still field calls from customers who have one of these vintage pumps on board and after years of service have decided its finally time to replace the diaphragm!

Boat manufacturers the world over use Bosworth Guzzler pumps and Sea-Lect® Y-valves and accessories because of their legendary reliability.

Whether you are a boat builder, a marine products distributor or a mariner who insists on worry-free and dependable bilge pumps and Y-valves, Bosworth is the name of choice.

Often imitated, but never equaled.

"If you haven't got a Guzzler, you still need a pump!"

See Marine Products Catalog to download a catalog of these products.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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