Water Filtration Hand Pumps

Water Filtration

Bosworth’s Guzzler diaphragm pumps have been installed as part of systems for purification of water in developing countries as well as to provide drinking water in disaster relief efforts. Guzzlers can generate up to 15 psi of pressure, sufficient to push water through many commercially available water filters. Additionally, Guzzler pumps can be equipped with a special long-handle option making for virtually effortless pumping for those applications involving extended manual operation.

Guzzlers are simple to maintain; easily replaceable diaphragm and valves require no power tools for maintenance. And Guzzlers are effective, with the ability to pump 25 liters of water (6.6 gallons) in 2 minutes. The capital costs of using a Guzzler to pump 25 liters of water can be as little as $ 0.01.

Guzzler pumps for water filtration/purification systems: effective, reliable, easy to operate, simple to maintain and economical. That’s why you see them all over the world.

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Guzzlers for Water Filtration