Utility Pumps

Utility Pumps

Guzzler Utility Pumps

Guzzler pumps are ideal for a wide variety of fluid transfer uses around the house, cottage, garden and shop. Whether you are a contractor, handyman or householder, you will find 101 uses for a Guzzler.

Keep a Guzzler nearby for priming shallow wells, dewatering pits or trenches, winterizing plumbing, watering small gardens, removing standing water from a tub or broken washing machine, priming jet pumps, etc. During power outages, you can use a Guzzler to pump water from a shallow well. Use a Guzzler to transfer lake water to a holding tank. Guzzlers will fill a 45-gallon drum in a matter of minutes and can easily lift water up to 12 feet (22 feet when equipped with a check valve!) You can prime a jet pump with 100 feet of water line and 10 feet of lift in less than 2 minutes!

And Guzzlers come in a wide variety of end sizes and styles to fit your needs. There are even male and female garden hose pump fittings available that will allow you to directly connect your Guzzler to a standard garden hose.

There’s a reason we say, “If you haven’t got a Guzzler, you still need a pump!”

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Priming a Jet Pump with a Guzzler

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Utility Pumps