Products for Portable Sanitation

Bosworth foot and hand-operated pumps have found application in the portable sanitation industry for flushable toilets in port-a-johns. Guzzler foot pumps are available with foot-button activation as well as foot-lever activation. Foot button pumps come with an optional protective rubber boot. When equipped with standard weight springs, these pumps easily draw water from a holding tank to pump through the toilet during the toilet flush operation. Some portable toilets also use Bosworth’s flush-mounted hand pump for toilet flush activation. This hand pump can be mounted below a surface or behind a wall, and features easy operation via a rugged, aluminum handle.

Bosworth also offers the Guzzler "Junior" foot pump for use in portable handwash stations. This pump is designed for "flooded-inlet" applications and delivers 2.8 oz of water per stroke.

Bosworth also offers a special "slot-activated" flush-mount diverter valve for use in portable toilet plumbing. This diverter valve is installed below a floor or behind a wall and is operated by inserting a screwdriver into a recessed slot for a low-profile, space-saving installation.

See Portable Sanitation Products Catalog to download a catalog of these products.

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