Priming Pumps

Guzzlers as priming pumps

Guzzler Priming Pumps

Guzzler diaphragm pumps are widely used as priming pumps on fire safety equipment. Guzzler hand pumps can run dry without any damage to the pump. They have a lift capacity of 12 feet without a check valve, and up to 22 feet with a check valve.

Durability has been engineered into the Guzzler product line. Guzzler pumps are made out of durable, lightweight Delrin plastic, but are also available in rugged, epoxy-coated aluminum. Guzzler Delrin pumps can be equipped with epoxy-coated aluminum clamp rings for added durability. Clamp ring options include an aluminum clamp ring with stop brackets that prevents pump over-stroking during vigorous use.

Guzzler pumps are available to work with hose sizes from 3/4 inch up to 2 inches.

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