Guzzler Foot-Operated Bilge Pumps

Several of Bosworth’s Guzzler foot pumps are ideally suited for use as onboard bilge pumps in kayaks. Attached to the bulkhead, the pump remains securely with the kayak, so that you never have to worry about retrieving a lost pump from the water.

Each of the pumps recommended below is manufactured from rugged but lightweight Delrin plastic, and weighs less than 2 lbs. Designed for efficiency, these foot-operated Guzzlers can transfer a quart of water every 5 strokes. Equipped with a lightweight spring, they are easy to operate from a sitting position.

The video links below show how some of our customers have mounted these Guzzlers in their kayaks as well as what it’s like to operate them. Click on the pump models below to see the different styles we offer, to view recommended configurations and to order online.

Product Videos

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Guzzler 0450D in NDK Kayak

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Guzzler Kayak Bilge Pump at Work (Hybrid)

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Why do you recommend a lightweight spring for kayak pumps?

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Is it better to mount the pump horizontally or vertically?

What should I check if the pump stops working?