If you don't have a Guzzler, you still need a pump!

Guzzler Sap Puller

Guzzler® G2 Sap-Puller

The Bosworth Company is pleased to announce the availability of a new motorized double-diaphragm pump, the Guzzler G2 SapPuller, designed for vacuum production on maple sap collection lines. The Guzzler G2 SapPuller is self-priming, can run dry or wet, and requires no separator. It can support vacuum production on up to 800 taps. For more information, click on "Guzzler® G2 SapPuller".
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Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts for your Guzzler® Pump or Sea-Lect® Y-Valve

Buy replacement parts for any Bosworth pump or Y-Valve online using the link below. Service kits (comprised of a replacement diaphragm and pair of matched valves) are also available. Exploded views make finding and ordering Bosworth parts incredibly easy.

Diaphragm Value-Pak

For a limited time, The Bosworth Company is offering its popular Buna-N diaphragms in a 5-pack. Buy a pack of 5 diaphragms and get 10% off!
Chemical Transfer

Chemical Compatibility Tool

Try our powerful Chemical Compatibility search engine to find Guzzler pumps that meet your demanding chemical requirements. Simply specify the chemical you need to transfer, and your tolerance for compatibility (from Moderate to Excellent) to view every Guzzler that meets your standards. Finding the right pump has never been easier.
Maple Leaf

Maple Sap Guzzler Pumps and Parts

Bosworth’s Guzzler motorized diaphragm pumps can be used to create vacuum on maple sap collection lines. Unlike expensive vacuum pumps that require a separator to isolate sap from the pump, Guzzler diaphragm pumps can both establish the vacuum and transfer sap through the pump.

Guzzler pumps can generate up to 22 in of Hg wet vacuum. Our single pump systems are suitable for use on up to 400 tap lines; our newly introduced Guzzler G2 Double-Diaphragm pump can be used on as many as 800 taps. Guzzlers are low cfm pumps, and work best when sap lines are maintained to stay tight and leak-free. Click on the link below to view the list of pumps and configurations we recommend for this application.



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ISO 9001:2008-certified for the design and manufacture of pumps and valves, The Bosworth Company has evolved its Guzzler® product line to satisfy customer requirements for fluid transfer in a wide array of markets and applications. As our customers often tell us, "If you haven’t got a Guzzler, you still need a pump!"

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